Principal's Message

I, Shweta Mishra, Principal, Vishwa Bharati Public School, Ghaziabad, strongly feel that we educators owe moral responsibility to inculcate right values in students while preparing them for future. The kinds of thinking skills our children need today are those which will help them in adapting a world of accelerated change. They need to learn how to think rather than to learn the products of other people’s thinking. Today’s children must understand that "change" is the only constant and today’s realities will not continue tomorrow in a predictable fashion, hence for achieving success in life they need to be pro-active leaders as well as good decision makers.
In this rapidly changing world, schools have to play an important role because what happens in schools today is likely to determine what will happen in our society in future and I am glad to inform that the team of our dedicated educators at Vishwa Bharati Public School, Ghaziabad, are preparing our students to dream, think, plan and execute to become architects of their own destiny. I am confident that our school will keep up its ascent towards growth and scale new peaks in forthcoming years.

Vishwa Bharati Public School